Saturday, November 2, 2013

"There can be MIRACLES, when you believe..."!

I know I've used that song lyric before as a title, but it's because it's TRUE. And because I always love a good Whitney [Houston] and Mariah [Carey] duet :) Anyways, we've experienced some powerful changes this week that I'm so incredibly excited about!
First, I'll talk about Sun, our Korean investigator. She read even MORE chapters in the Book of Mormon and even told us that she's understanding it more easily now. Of course, she had a question about why Nephi just HAD to kill Laban, but who doesn't, right? Haha We focused our lesson this week on addressing the Spirit and helping her learn how to recognize it. We asked how she feels when we meet with her and she said she feels "comfortable". DEFINITELY a feeling of the Spirit, if I do say so myself! And the fact that her comprehension of the Book of Mormon is increasing is another Spirit indication. I'm so grateful for how the Spirit works in SO many ways!
Because we only meet with her once a week, we knew we needed to take it to the next level. So we had a member of our ward, Brother Featherstone, meet us in front of her apartment. He served his mission in Korea and still knows the language quite well. We didn't know WHAT to expect when we knocked on the door ('cause we didn't plan this visit with her), but her husband opened it (who we haven't formally met) and he tells his wife "Oh, your missionaries are here!" She got so excited!!! She let us right in (which I was a little shocked because there was us, Brother Featherstone, and a laurel we had out on an exchange with us - 5 people total!). But it all worked out :) They let us in and gave us apple cider. We got to know her husband a little bit and chatted with her cute little Korean daughters too (9 and 6 years old)! Turns out, the husband would LOVE to learn about what we're teaching Sun, but he is incredibly swamped with full-time school and work in DC. We understand, and we KNOW that as we continue to teach her, she will share with him what she's learning! I'm excited for that day :)
So here's where our BIG miracle comes in - Elena (our Russian potential investigator) is now our ACTUAL investigator and even came to church on Sunday with her two daughters. And stayed ALL THREE HOURS. I was on an exchange with a Sister Training Leader, Sister Paramore, on Tuesday and we stopped to see if Elena had read any of her Russian Book of Mormon. She said she had glanced at it, but that she wanted us to stay and teach her daughters about the Ten Commandments. Soon enough, Sister Paramore was inviting her to church and we were teaching doctrine! She said she would come and we could meet with her that Friday. One of her daughters, Liza, is 9 years old and is now a new investigator as well! So on Friday, we watched the Restoration movie with a member family and it was powerful. Definitely something that resonated with Elena, Liza, and Lana (her 7 year old daughter)! They all enjoyed church and we are having dinner (and a lesson) with them tonight at IHOP! Please pray for this family - there are some tough struggles they need to overcome before they fully let the Spirit in and realize that this gospel is the TRUTH.
I'm so grateful to have met the people that I have on my mission. Members, non-members, acquaintances, EVERYONE. At church on Sunday, I just had a little Spirit-induced epiphany and thought "I am so blessed to be surrounded by these people!" Especially Elena, to see how members have helped her thus far and how they will continue to look out for her - no matter what happens. I KNOW that this is Christ's church, full of His disciples, because I have seen countless examples of His love come from these faithful members.
Continue doing what you're doing and just as we learned in Conference, look for how you can "improve day by day"! Your influence does more than you realize. Remember that!
Sister Hansen
Picture: This picture was taken at our Day of Service Activity. We're standing with the Elders that we served alongside last transfer, Elder Day and Elder Munton. BOTH are from Southern California... figures! haha

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