Sunday, August 17, 2014

Washington Nationals Baseball Game

NATIONALS! Sigh, I like the sound of "Giants" so much better than "Nationals". Thank heavens I'm from San Francisco :)
We went to the Day to Serve Baseball Game this weekend as a mission. Over 500 missionaries were in attendance from the DC North and South missions. It was a bit muggy and overcast, but the game was a BLAST (see what I did there?). Nationals won 11-0 so that made it even better. Our mission president said we were the "good luck charm" since they had lost the night before. I'll take it ;) We talked to some people on the train on the way to the game. One man said he was a doctor from Dallas and he had a patient who wrote "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission". What?! Crazy. We gave them cards and parted ways. It awesome to see how bold some of our missionaries were getting as they placed Book of Mormons and got outside their comfort zones. A cool thing too: we decided collectively as a mission to not wear baseball hats at the game this year (we didn't wear them last year either). We felt that they didn't set us apart as the missionaries we are, so we didn't want to wear them. Well, we knew that DC North would be wearing them (as they did last year). It was pretty neat to see how different we looked :) I like standing out (especially as His representative), and it's even sweeter as a missionary!
We received three referrals this week! CRAZY. These are the first referrals we've been given since I've been in the Braddock Ward. One of them was from Bishop, the other two were from a member in the Sudley Spanish Branch in Centreville that we randomly met on the street. So no... none from our members, but still celebrate-worthy :) We contacted all three, but are waiting to hear back. Pray that Lanier, Maribel, and Bella will be ready and waiting to learn more about the restored gospel!
Due to lack of time today, I will leave with a spiritual thought. Our gospel principles lesson was on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And something I read in the manual really struck me: "Today people who are not members of the Church learn by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true. But that initial testimony leaves them if they do NOT receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." I don't think I had ever thought about this before! I think about all those sad stories of "golden" people who receive witnesses that these things are true, but then don't end up making that step to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. What's even more sad is that the testimony they had will ultimately leave if the sealing power of the Holy Ghost isn't in effect. It makes me appreciate baptism and the Holy Ghost that much more now! And helps me have a stronger desire to invite ALL to make and keep those covenants. It's such a blessing to be a member of Christ's church - there is NO greater happiness.
Love you all!
Sister Hansen 

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