Sunday, August 3, 2014


Hello all!

This week was full of little miracles. Though we're struggling to find more people to teach, it's amazing how we can still feel that the week was productive and successful. After meeting with our bishop last week, I felt reassured. As I may have told you before, he is having us really involve in the "rescue effort" for our Ward. Our job is to share the message chosen by Bishop with the members, then ask them who in the Ward could use a visit from us WITH them - that way there's that immediate fellowship. Bishop promised us that as we follow this particular counsel of his, we would be blessed with more people to teach. I need to trust in that! He is our key-holder and knows what will bring us more success.

Here are a few of the miracles members shared with us this week as we shared Bishop's message with them:
1. Alex: Our friend Alex called us early one morning to inform us that she went to a friend's birthday dinner the night before. The friend may have been a little tipsy, but before Alex left, the friend gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "Wait, can you please pray with me?" Alex was confused, but told her yes. So they went to another room and Alex gave a prayer for her. When they were finished, the friend was crying and Alex said, "Hey, you can't cry on your birthday!" Her friend said that she wanted to improve her relationship with God and asked Alex if she could come to church with her soon. So Alex told us she'll be at church in two weeks - SWEET!
 2. Kim: Kim let us know about a childhood friend from the nearby Burke Ward who had recently gone less-active. We followed up last week to see if she had made contact and she hadn't. But she did within a few days and told us what happened! She texted this friend, and before she could even ask her to come to church with her, the friend said, "You're going to the young single adult ward, right? I've been thinking about coming there. What time does it start?" Kim was so shocked and excited. We are too! She should be at church within a couple weeks too!

 3. Dana: Dana is an engaged member of our ward, but is really taking all of her callings seriously before leaving. Especially visiting teaching! She's been tracking down her less-active teach-ees and found out that one had not been contacted in a while. In fact, she had moved from the address in the directory, so no one knew where she went. Now, Dana will go visit her in Sterling (out of our area) and help her attend the other singles branch in that area! YAY.

 4. Dani: We have never sat down with Dani, but found her name on a teaching record for a former investigator. We texted her to see if she had talked to him at all in the last year. She said she hadn't but that she would reach out to him to see if he'd want to come to church. He said YES! Though he doesn't want to meet with missionaries again just yet, he's willing to enter the chapel doors :) He too should be at church within weeks.
As you can see miracles!
A couple final miracles:
We had a walk-in at church yesterday. His name is Charles and he looks like Wolverine (serious chops!). He was looking for a young adult congregation and found the Hermanas at our complex, who pointed him in the right direction. He was there 15 minutes early, so we sat down with him in a room and explained a bit more about what we believe. He was impressed! Charles was looking for more prayer and fellowship in his life. I immediately thought of and pulled open Moroni 6:4 about what makes up the church of Christ. He really enjoyed that. We gave him a copy and proceeded to go into Sacrament meeting. As most YSA wards go, some of our speakers went on bad tangents without bearing testimony, so Charles wasn't too impressed with the actual service (sad). But we did get his contact info, so we'll follow up on his reading of the Book of Mormon soon!

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, we contacted a lady last night named Ms. B (hahaha the Baker's kitty!). She was a sweet heart. She's preparing for back surgery, so she's been reading the Bible for comfort. We gave her a Book of Mormon and as she flipped through it's pages, GUESS where she landed? Alma 32:21 - Faith is not a perfect knowledge of things... Sister Kartchner and I looked at each other in AWE. Pure shock. God is good! After she read that little bit, she said "I like what I see! Give me a couple weeks to read it." Amazing!
Thanks for all the love and prayers - I have the best support system in the world! Love you all!
Sister Hansen

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