Sunday, August 3, 2014


Dearest Family and Friends,

We had transfers this week. It was an emotional one! Some of my closest missionary buds traveled home this past week, Sister Hills included. But I'm excited to see what the future holds for all of them. With that, you're probably wondering where I'm spending MY final transfer. Well... it can only be here in good ol' Braddock YSA! Yes, you heard me right. I will be in Braddock for a total of four transfers - that's approximately SIX MONTHS. Haven't spent that much time in one area since my first, which was in Great Falls.

But WAIT, it gets better. Guess who my companion is?SISTER KARTCHNER. Can you believe it? Three transfers together! That RARELY happens in our mission, so we feel privileged :) I'm so grateful for her - she helps me be a more bold and daring missionary! Not to mention she puts up with my ridiculous antics, so that's a blessing. I truly love her and am stoked to see what this transfer has in store!

This week was kind of crazy (with transfers and all), but so good! A fun little miracle: we had dinner at home on Thursday night and as we prayed before going out to work, I had the thought of checking on that 17 year old girl we met in our complex a few months back. We had lost contact with her, but hadn't tried her since school got out. So I told Sister K my thought and we headed over. As we approach her door, I look down at my shirt to see my name tag missing! SUCH a rookie mistake (seriously haven't done that since my second month in the mission maybe?)! I realized that I had switched my shirt at home and forgot to put the tag back on. Sheesh. Because Sister K has long, flowing hair that often covers her tag, she said I could borrow her name tag real quick. We knocked on Paige's door and waited. And kept waiting. I told her, "Hey, maybe I had the thought to check on Paige so Heavenly Father would let me go back home and get my name tag without us being too far away!" Then all of a sudden, the door swings open and it's Paige! She lets us in and we have a good lesson with her. MIRACLE. The Spirit whispereth, everyone. So make sure you're listening :)

Sadly, Paige is moving to North Carolina next week, but we pray that we've made an impression in the time we've spent with her. We hope to get her information so that missionaries can meet her down there! Not only did we teach her, but the next day, we taught a man on the street who was 50 years old - we just can't seem to find investigators for our age range! But they'll come, I know they will.

Actually, that brings me to a cool experience we had last Monday night. We felt like we were blowing through our plans and really didn't know where God wanted us to be, so we prayed and Sister K said, "Well, we could go check on that former investigator in the complex that's not far from here?" Neither one of us was that excited to go because we had JUST checked on them maybe a week before and no one was home. But we decided to try it again anyways. As we were walking toward the townhouse, we met a YSA-aged man heading in a similar direction. His name was Waqar and he's originally Muslim but very open to all religion. We started talking about the Book of Mormon with him and he goes, "If this is the word of God, how come I've never heard of this book before?" Valid question. We invited him to read and pray about it to know if it's true. You could tell that Waqar was searching for truth!

Eventually, his roommate came home to find us all sitting on the porch talking and he jumped RIGHT into the conversation - well, he kind of took over the conversation. But that's okay! Because it was one of those experiences where your own testimony grows due to someone's trying to dispute it. His roommate told us that there can't be a modern prophet because man is not in physical crisis. He talked about how Moses was sent to the children of Israel because they were in physical bondage and needed help. He then said that we are "comfortable" these days and don't need that kind of assistance. I immediately answered with, "Yes, but we’re in a SPIRITUAL crisis! Would a loving God leave us alone in a time where people put other things before Him? No! So we need a prophet on the Earth to help guide us back to what’s most important.” It felt empowering to bear testimony, as it has felt my entire mission. But this was one of those moments that I’ll never forget. My faith in modern prophets increased greatly due to his argument, and I couldn’t be more grateful!
Thank you all for your love and prayers. They mean the world. Hope this week is a wonderful one for you!
Sister Hansen

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