Friday, October 18, 2013


So something I failed to mention at the start of last transfer is that Sister Mitchell and I (who are still together and in Oakton!) have been assigned to teach an English As a Second Language class (ESL). These types of classes are HUGE in the DC area because there are SO many different nationalities. Well, this week was our first class! We hold it on Fridays in the morning and afternoon, an hour each. We have it in the community center of a government housing project called Yorkville in Fairfax. This complex is comprised of nearly 90% political refugees and most of that 90% being from Somalia. So no English... no matter how long they've lived here. It's a challenge! But I LOVED IT! It was SO MUCH FUN. I taught students from Morocco, Korea, Pakistan, China, and Lao. It's so cute to see how HARD they work on they're English. Some take notes and everything. We even had two ladies come to BOTH classes, just so they could learn more. One lady from South Korea thanked me for speaking so clearly and being a good teacher... warmed my heart! I LOVE being surrounded by so much diversity. Probably, hands down, the best part of this mission.
For conference this weekend, we had a miracle! We watched Saturday morning session as a less active's house. Her name is Monika Charmok and she joined the church 18 years ago, but has been less active for a long time. She has some anxiety and depression issues, so I wish we had watched Elder Holland's talk with her! But we actually found out THAT DAY that this was her first conference she had EVER watched. AMAZING! She currently has a roommate (temporary) who is from Arizona! Her name is Carla Mannes, and she is a HOOT. She is a member of the Church and really helped get our Sister Charmok involved in this conference session! So grateful for her. So grateful for GREAT members!
Well, I really did LOVE conference. I don't even know where to start with my favorite parts. But I was looking over my notes today and something jumped out at me. It was from President Uchtdorf's talk, when he responded to "Why join this church?" The first point he mentioned - "Because it is a church that was restored by Christ HIMSELF." Have you ever thought of it that way? I don't think I have. We tell people all about Joseph Smith and his role in the Restoration, but none of that would have happened had Christ not appeared to him in the first place! But I LOVE THAT. This is HIS church and it was brought back in HIS time, with the partnership of our loving Heavenly Father. It's incredible!
I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this day and time. Thank you all SO much for your love and prayers. I know I say this all the time, but they mean the world to me!
Sister Hansen
1) This is Hermana Ward! Who I went on the Spanish exchange with. She's da best!

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