Friday, October 18, 2013


This week went by EXTREMELY fast. We had lots of meetings and different things going on.One of the meetings was a Half Mission Conference, where we talked about the baptism goal as a mission for the rest of the year. The goal is for 166 baptisms - one per companionship per month. YIKES. Sister Mitchell and I are ready to WORK. We've lost most of our investigators this week due to different reasons, so we're ready to find the ELECT.
So we had exchanges (when you mix-up companionships) with the Spanish Hermanas from Spring Lake Ward! They went really well! Hermana Stanford came to Oakton to help Sister Mitchell out - that's when they found us a new investigator, Jerome! (Who we now have to drop because his wife won't let him learn :( ) And I went with Hermana Ward to Sprink Lake. It was great! I wish I could have been of more assistance in the language department, but I could actually understand MOST of what was being said. Hermana Ward asked one of her investigators who she would like to say the opening prayer during a lesson. She offered herself and a member that was present as "Espanol" prayers or me, an "Ingles" prayer. Her investigator chose me! Haha so I said a very simple prayer in English and though I know her sweet spirit couldn't understand too much of what I said, I hope she felt the Spirit!
We had a miracle in bringing a referral from the Hermanas to the New Member Fireside last night! We called him at 6:30, got a member to pick all us up, and went an hour later! I've never seen the work hasten so quickly! Sadly, we had to hand him over - but to the Oak Marr sisters... WHOM WE LOVE! (They live in our complex and we give them rides everywhere because they're on bike). So I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to work hard to achieve this baptism goal - we're gonna make it!
I so appreciate all of your love and prayers. I feel them everyday! Some days, I find myself so EXCITED to go out and find people, even though I know rejection is inevitable, and I really think it's because of the prayers you're sending my way. So THANK YOU!
Again, apologies for a short message. Next week will be of more substance :)
Sister Hansen
Us messing around in Target :)

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