Thursday, August 1, 2013

There can be MIRACLES... when you believe...

Hello ALL!
The subject title is from that classic song by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, from the Prince of Egypt. I have that song out here and sing it often, but it PARTICULARLY applies to this week!
First, a funny story. So Sister Udall and I were in the actual town of Great Falls, where we don't spend as much time because of the lack of neighborhoods to tract and lack of members/potential investigators. BUT, we do have a couple. So we went to check on someone Sister Evans and I found - his name is Mr. Khoo, from Singapore, and he HAS to be in his 80's. Well we were driving down his street to find him walking down it, headed toward the Safeway by his house! I told Sister Udall, "We're following him! Go!" So we flipped a U and went to Safeway. We scoured the aisles, looking for Mr. Khoo, I picking up a soda in the meantime so we look like normal customers, and BOOM! We found him! We proceeded to talk to him for like, 20 minutes. He's going out to California to visit his daughter (who has a private medical practice on Geary St in San Fran) and will be gone for a month. WE WILL FIND HIM AGAIN ONE DAY!
Well on Sunday, we received two new investigators - SUCH a miracle!
The first came from one of the new "unknown" ward files. We went to a certain address to find "Tiffany Darling" and found Marlene Rives, a 79-year old lonely woman with a lot of spunk. We knocked on her door and she led us right in. Even made us milkshakes (YES)! But she proceeded to show us around her house and tell us about her family. The poor woman had twin daughters, one of them a semi-finalist in the Miss USA pagaent in the late 70's, who both have died in recent years. She also had another friend die two years ago, who had helped reconstruct her house. Marlene's gone through a lot in her life! So we took the time to listen. We left her with a pamphlet to read and said we would call her in a couple days! We called her the next day and asked if we could come over Sunday. She said yes! We had a lesson with her and though she wasn't super receptive to the message (she kept getting distracted and asked questions like "Do you pencil in your eyebrows?"), we have faith in her! She's willing to let us come back, but we're going to make an extra cautious effort in not being as pushy as we were on Sunday and be more loving like we were on Friday. Pray for Marlene!
The second investigator, Kayla, is a former investigator who has also gone through MUCH tribulation in her life. She first met with Elders in 2009, and Sister Evans and I had met her in March when we first got here. She is a VERY busy woman and doesn't have a lot of time, so we knew that 10-15 minute lessons/visits were the ONLY way we could get to her. One day last month, we showed up at the PERFECT time, unannounced. Her daughter was in Africa on a service trip and was experiencing difficulties with a boy in the group, who was trying to harm her. Kayla, being the concerned mother that she is, was so stressed and worried about this situation, and invited us in to give her comfort! We have shared with her on multiple occassions now how God is aware of her and not punishing her, though these trials may sometimes feel like it. We went to help her feel PEACE and know that it will come as she keeps the commitments we give her, like reading the Book of Mormon! So she said that she would, and agreed to meet with us MORE than once a week. MIRACLE!
I'm so grateful for the little tender mercies we receive from the Lord along the way. I love the Lord so much and am just dying to tell people how they can have that PEACE in their lives. No time for a scripture today, but know that I have a testimony of this being the TRUE restored gospel of Jesus Christ. How wonderful and blessed we are to have it again.
Sister Hansen
SETTLERS OF CATTAN! A member in our ward made this 3D version. SO COOL.

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