Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello Everyone!
I failed to mention that transfers were last week and GUESS WHAT?! I'm here to stay! Haha this is my 4th transfer in Great Falls, and I was both happy and nervous about that. Happy because I know the area and people so well. Nervous because I think God is trying to tell me something by keeping me in the same area for at least 6 months. Who knows! But I'm ready to work hard and make some serious goals with Sister Udall! Pray for us.
This week was pretty hard and amazing all at the same time. Remember Marcus? He sent us a nine-page long text explaining that he wasn't interested at this time. We believe that because he still lives with his parents, this may be the reason for his ending our lessons. SAD! But we were happy to see that he was very respectful and understanding of our purpose.
Remember David? We FINALLY got a hold of him this week. He then mentioned that he will be in and out of town for the next month, so we can talk to him then. AH. That was hard. But he ended our phone conversation with, "You won't forget about me right? You'll pray for me?" We said "Yes, of course David! But you won't forget about US right?" And he said "Nooooo way." Hahaha so we're positive we'll see him in the near future!
One of the goals Sister Udall and I made was to check on at least one former investigator each week. Sister Evans and I had checked on most of the former investigators in our Area Book. There are a couple names though that we wanted to see, but never got to. So as one of our goals, Sister Udall and I chose "Donna O'hara" as the former investigator we would go visit this week. Well, that goal was made Friday. And on SUNDAY, we had dinner with a member family. These members told us they had been thinking about their friends, the Thompsons, lately and how they are probably in need of service. This older couple has a daughter living with them and that daughter has children of her own, one of whom is friends with our member's daughter. Anywho, we were told that missionaries had once checked on them before and immediately... I knew they were talking about Donna! So I asked if that was who it was and they said YES! How amazing that we picked that name to focus on THAT WEEK and then they proceeded to talk about her for the FIRST time to us a couple days later! Miracle. Well sadly, Donna is about one street over out of our area. So we will probably phone the address and info into the mission office as a referral. AMAZING nonetheless!
I'm grateful for the amount of miracles we experience each day. The mission REALLY opens up your eyes to all of those small but important blessings I had a hard time noticing before I got out here. Because we have few people to teach right now, I became frustrated and turned to the scriptures. I found Matthew 7:14 -
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
FEW. Did you see that? Only a FEW will find it! I remember Mom sending me a quote from Elder Holland about how salvation is NOT cheap! It is hard to live a higher law than you've ever been used to in your entire life. But I KNOW that those people are out there and waiting... we just have to find them.
Thank you so much for your prayers and love! I feel them each day.
Sister Hansen
A funny candid from last week's trip. We tried to take a "jumping picture". Fail.

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