Sunday, July 7, 2013


Oh how I love the "Old & Wise"!
But all good things must come to end, huh? This week, we called Bob EVERYDAY to see if we could see him again. No answer. Until Saturday! Bob told us that he was at doctor visits all week long - he has prostate cancer and will probably be starting radiation very soon. We're sad that we have to drop him but we promised him that we will continue to keep in touch, even if just for that friendly conversation he may need! I forgot to mention last week, Byrd! We called her house a couple weeks ago and talked to Tom, her husband, who has two types of cancers himself. Byrd is also sick, he claims, and that we wouldn't be able to see her again either :( I love these wonderful people! It saddens me to let them go, but then I think... we still have David!
We saw David this week! WOO! Finally. We thought his wife would be home, since he claims she was last time. Nope... wasn't home. So we had to sit on his front porch! (Because two female missionaries cannot be in the same house/room with a male unless another female is home - SAFETY first, people!) He felt so bad that we sat out there in the heat, but it really wasn't bad at all. We talked about the Book of Mormon with him and how it will bless his life as he commits to read it each day. He is gaining faith already - I can tell! He will have family in town this week, so we won't be able to see him until later in the week. But he is doing so well! I can't wait to get him to church and have him feel the Spirit more in his life!
Had ANOTHER miracle - we saw Glenn! We hadn't seen him really since the lesson we had with him and President Riggs. He and his wife had been out of town EACH weekend, making it difficult to find the time to visit and coordinate. But we saw him on Friday and had an impromptu lesson with the both of them! Jessica (his wife) indicated that they read once in a while together, but not everyday. So we recommitted them, and asked if we could remind them each night with a text. They said yes! So we've been doing that. I truly hope this works out. We had them at church on Sunday too, so things are slowly getting back to where they used to be, though even better! I really think Glenn has increased his faith over these past few months, and I pray that it only grows stronger!

Speaking of Sunday, we had quite the third hour at church. Bishop conducted a combined Relief Society and Priesthood meeting ALL about missionary work. He even offered a blessing upon the ward and had EVERYONE (all those who physically could) kneel in the room. It was very spiritual. The exercise then was to have each person write a name of a person they're thinking about sharing the gospel and then write their own contact information. Then they wrote what step they would like to take with this person, whether it's an introduction or invite to dinner or WHATEVER. Then... we (the missionaries) collected them! Now it's OUR responsibility to keep up on these names and these members - to commit them to these actions that they wrote down and remind them that they're doing it out of love for their friends/family/neighbors.
Missionary work is the most important work that we can be doing right now! I never realized that until my mission. If you knew that something was true and would bless people's lives forever - you can't possibly think it's okay to keep that to yourself! NEVER. Haha It's true though - we love the Lord and we love others... now it's time to show it!
I'm so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary. And I appreciate all of the love and support I get from each and every one of you!
Sister Hansen

1) Sister Udall and I in front of a museum (I think?) in DC last Monday

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