Thursday, September 12, 2013


Holy cow, this week has gone by so insanely fast. Sister Mitchell talk about that so often - how fast the mission is going! I want to make sure that I'm learning all the lessons that I should be learning before time is up. Nonetheless, I love being tired at the end of each day and thinking about all the people we met and hopefully made an impact on. Helps me to know that I'm doing what God would have me do.
This past week we taught Huneok again! He hadn't read the chapter we assigned him because... he can't read in English. He told us he could! So I'm not holding it against myself :) Haha BUT our Korean ward member gave him a Korean Book of Mormon, so we read with him the chapter we assigned. It was Alma 22, about Aaron and King Lamoni's father (I think? Forgive me, I get characters confused sometimes). Anyway, Lamoni senior wants to know if there's a God and Huneok recognized how he is similiar to Lamoni senior in that he has that small desire as well! Unfortunately, the desire isn't as big as we would like him to have yet, but we keep promising him many blessings in regards to knowing there's a God.
How amazing is it though to know that we have a loving Father in Heaven? But how easy is it to forget that knowledge when you get too wrapped up in the day to day living and the sadness/stress of life? It takes WORK to know that your Father is there - praying, reading scriptures, going to church. These things bring that Spirit which allows us to feel that He really is watching over us and guiding our paths. We just have to put our acts of faith FIRST, and KNOW that blessings will come.
So anyway, Huneok... PRAYED AT THE END! It was in Korean, so I couldn't understand any of it. But the Spirit was strong! Our member later told us what he had said and he prayed to "please help me to see how this will help me". YAY! We were very excited. We look forward to teaching him again this week.
I'll have you know that I acted in TRUE missionary fashion and rode my first BIKE this week! YES. I was on bike from 3pm to 9pm last Thursday. It was amazing... and hard! But I actually did like it. Gives you a lot of time to think and ponder. But we met some amazing people that I'll tell you about next week (maybe) :)
As for updates, WE GO TO THE NATIONALS GAME THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! And guess what? DC North mission is going also. AND we are dressing in our proselyting clothes (typical - suits and skirts/dresses). So there will be a total of 500 Mormon missionaries at the stadium. How amazing is that? Look for me on the jumbotron! I'll be wearing a bright red skirt and blue and white rugby shirt (yes... I've already planned to wear the appropriate Nationals colors :) ) We also have zone conference on the same day (in the morning). So it will be a LONGGG but exciting day :)
Thank you all for your love and support. I love my mission so much and can't imagine being ANYWHERE else right now! Your prayers have helped me to be confident and strong and I deeply appreciate them.
-Sister Hansen

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