Sunday, April 14, 2013


MY DREAM JOB! I found an executive affiliate office for Christie's International Realty, my dream place to work one day :)
What a wonderful weekend of spiritual upliftment! But before I dive into that, I'd like to give a shout-out to Sister Linda Jacobsen and The Rasmussens. Thank you SO MUCH for your kind Easter cards! They touched me, and really meant a lot to me! Missionaries LOVE mail. So thank you :)
So about conference - my favorite (obviously) had to be Elder Holland's. Let us fan our flame of FAITH. No matter what it is that we know... it is ENOUGH. How comforting that is to me, especially on a mission. Sometimes I feel like I don't know as much as I should to be out here, but as long as I can bear testimony of what I DO know - it is enough. What an amazing thing to hear. Gotta love those Apostles of the Lord!
This week we picked up a new investigator! Her name is Sharon and she's originally from Augusta, Georgia. She has had a rough upbringing and isn't a fan of organized religion because of some heinous things that pastors have done to her and her family in the past. Nonetheless, she is a loving and God-fearing woman! She prays everyday and repents everyday. She just needs to know that the Atonement can be truly fulfilled through her coming to church and partaking of the Sacrament. I LOVE how much the Sacrament was talked about in conference! It reiterated how really important it is in our EVERYDAY lives. I encourage you all to contemplate your own personal connection with Christ as you take the Sacrament next week - and see what you're ready to change in order to be closer to Him.
We also met a couple here in the ward named the Bywaters. They have lived in Vienna for over forty years I think. They are both service missionaries for BYU-Idaho in their internship expedition department. They set up appointments for students that fly out to DC so that they can meet companies and such. It's exactly what I did in NYC last year, but for DC. So NATURALLY, I love this couple. They are some GREAT missionaries too. They told us that they sent out a flyer in their neighborhood inviting people to come over one night to learn more about the LDS church when Romney was elected as the GOP candidate. And guess how many people turned up - 27!!! They had 27 people in their house asking about the church! I was amazed and grateful to know of their desire for people to TRULY understand what we believe.
I'm so thankful for this church and for the members in it. I'm thankful for THEIR influence on others. I can't tell you how many doors we knocked where people weren't necessarily interested, but knew of some GREAT members of the church. They even take the time to tell us all about them and why they admire. So keep it up guys! Give our church a good name! Seeing as this is God's true church on the Earth - we should do it justice, right?
Thank you for all you do! LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Hansen

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