Friday, April 5, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and continually thought about our great and loving Savior! I surely haven't thought as much about Jesus Christ on Easter as I should have in the past - being on the mission shows that! We had the opportunity to be fed TWICE by two different families on Easter. We're so blessed. The first was with the Taylors, a young couple in the ward who had a set of parents over from Cardston, Canada as well as the Cannons (YES, the Cannon's from my one e-mail) over too! It was great. Lots of talk about Church History. I just sat there and listened. Sis Taylor (the older, visiting parent from Canada) said she knew where Elk, WA was because she's driven through it quite a few times. YAY FOR ELK! She says the next time I'm there, I need to look for a wonderful biking trail by Sandpoint, ID. We'll see if I remember to do that :)
We also ate at Hartt family home. The Hartt's have three kids, one on a mission in Anaheim and their daughter just got called to Irvine - the new mission! She's actually going to be Spanish-speaking and gets to go to the Mexico City MTC to learn the language. Pretty cool, huh? But the Easter feast was the BEST. So much good food with lots of flavor. HEY, I tried salmon! For those of you who don't know me as well - I HATE seafood. But I told my companion I would try it so I did. It wasn't too bad actually. Would I order it ever? Probably not. But it was okay! They had over another young couple in our ward and a recent convert that's a friend of theirs. It was a wonderful dinner!
Our actual Easter service was awesome. The Ward Choir sang a few songs and they actually had a HANDBELL choir too! YES, like at Will C. Wood! It was so pretty and magical, with the bells ringing throughout the chapel. I LOVED it. Made me want to play. We had great speakers and lessons all day. There was even a recent convert who came to church that we hadn't seen in a while. His name is Conrad Coovert, and he's quite the spaz. I think he might be somewhat Autistic, but I'm not sure. He just makes lots of comments that are rarely relevant, but you know he has a good heart.
I actually forgot to tell you about the first time we met him. We were visiting another recent convert's house and we didn't know that the two of them were friends! So Conrad comes out and immediately starts telling my companion and I what celebrities we look like. Hahaha my companion is black, so he was listing people like Raven Symone, Oprah Winfrey, and Whoopi Goldberg. HAHA. I was dying. He told me I looked like Miley Cyrus (Kelsey Bucsko and Nana seem to agree - before the butch blonde cut thought, obviously), Shakira, Alanis Morissette, and Kate Beckinsale. Hahaha such RANDOM celebrities, but all really pretty in their own right so I was flattered. But he's a pretty funny guy! Just hard to keep him reverant sometimes :)
Well, my companion's kicking me off. I will send pictures next week. We didn't have any lessons this week :( But I blame it all on Spring Break and having NO ONE in town. But that's okay! This week will be better.
LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for your love and prayers.
Sister Hansen

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