Sunday, June 29, 2014

We Love Him, Because He First Loved Us

Hello all!

So to really seize the wonderful opportunity of having an
iPad while on my mission, I've decided to start journaling in it! It's
going really well, and now I can send some of the entries to you so
that I don't take so much time at the computers. It's a win-win :) Oh
and before I forget, check out the mission blog that I have the
privilege of writing for with my former companion, Sister Hills. The
address is

Sister Kartchner and I are really working on our finding efforts
because we don't have a very large teaching pool right now. We also
want to take Elder Ballard's invitation to heart by talking to WAY
more people than we have before. Because tracting isn't too effective
for a young single adult Ward, we usually go out and try to find
former and potential investigators. In the playground area of one
complex, we talked with Ely (pronounced Ellie), who is a young mom of
three children and pretty much a sweetheart. She was reading a book
about cake recipes and I said "Do you like baking?" She said she LOVED
it and so I referred her to our Ward member's blog (her name is
Maurine and she's great - even helping us with the layout of the
mission blog). She said, "Oh my word, I actually love reading blogs!
This is perfect!" Thank heavens for Maurine and her talents :) But
then SHE proceeded to ask us about our missions and we got talking
about the gospel. Turns out she goes to a bible church but wanted the
elders over that area to come back. YAY. Usually somewhat scared of
talking to women of the Caucasian descent (always easier to talk to
people of different nationalities), but this told me that I can't let
that keep me from talking to them!

Cool story: we went to the Springfield library for the first time this
week (it's a good one! lots of natural light) and as we're walking in,
I hear a lady say in a fun, motherly tone, "is that Sister Hansen?" I
look up to find Sister Richardson, Bishop's wife of the Great Falls
Ward, sitting in her car! I asked her what she's doing all the way out
here and she explained that while looking for a tile shop, she got
lost and found herself at the library. Then she said "But obviously it
was meant to be that I ended up here to see you!" That touched me. It
was a little tender mercy to brighten up my day!

We met with a less-active, Menly, way out in Dumfries, VA. We haven't
seen her in over month, but we committed her to read the Book of
Mormon and pray everyday. And even though we hadn't reminded her
nearly as much as we should have, she really has been reading and
praying EVERY DAY.  Amazing! She definitely feels the difference -
more peace and increase of the Spirit. We talked about Christ's
mission and showed her "Because of Him" - she LOVED it. We are THIS
close to getting her to church on Sundays - her patient (she's a
caretaker) that she sees that day is near death. Never been happier to
have someone about to pass away... so this girl can take the
sacrament! (Is that bad to say? Everyone has their time, right?)

Before I finish, I forgot to mention a new investigator we got last
week! Her name is Bridget and she really is wonderful, just quite
busy. Her dad is a recent convert in the Potomac Ward (my old stomping
ground!). My trainer, Sister Evans, actually used to serve there
before I even came out on my mission and she was actually one of the
missionaries he was learning from when he got baptized! So cool. Love
connections like that! So Bridget means a lot to me. She has a sincere
desire to learn. We even asked if she saw a difference in her dad
after he was baptized and she said, "Yes, I haven't seen him get mad
ever. Except for one time... And it was because of traffic." Got to
love it! The gospel changes lives - in big and small ways alike

Thanks you all for your love and support! I feel so blessed to be a
missionary, serving The Lord full-time. Here is a scripture to leave
you with:
19 We love him, because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19)
I'm grateful for God's love and pray that you all find ways to feel it each day!

Loves,Sister Hansen

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