Saturday, April 26, 2014


And by this, I mean that I have chosen to make a change in my life by "cleaning" up my appearance. Therefore, I cut off nearly four inches of my hair this morning. EEK. I know. So frightening, but it feels good. Sister Hills is a great promoter of "change" and how it "helps us flourish and grow and become what we need to be" (literal quote). Attached is a picture of both of our hair cuts - hers isn't as drastic because I actually told her that I don't like her hair short. I'm honest, like my Nana!
This week has been great! We're working with two main investigators right now: Michelle and Andrew. Michelle was a referral from a family ward. She is INCREDIBLY prepared and believes in all of the doctrine. She is constantly talking about how she has felt these things to be true all of her life, but had never heard them from anyone else until the missionaries came. Amazing, right? She will be baptized on April 19th. Michelle starts working at Banana Republic this week and we ALL know what life as a retail worker is like... right, Mom?! :) So we are praying HARD that her availability stays open enough for her to finish the lessons and of course, get baptized. She came to church for the third time yesterday and LOVED it. Michelle is a social butterfly and will touch the lives of MANY.
Andrew is the boyfriend of a member that is currently at school at BYU. He is 19 and is attending George Mason University (GMU). He is the SWEETEST. Such an honest and good-natured boy. The Sisters took him to the Temple Visitors Center two weeks ago, before I got here, and we met with him on campus this last week. Get this - he was on Mosiah 2 in the Book of Mormon, so we decided to read with him and it was PERFECT preparation for General Conference. (King Benjamin on the tower, with the masses of people, their tents towards the tower). Amazingly, he gave up coffee on his own 3 weeks ago and is REALLY praying about the idea of giving up wine. It's a very family-centered activity for him and he even pondered the thought of owning his own vineyard one day - so it's difficult for him. However, I know that through diligent prayer and seeking for answers, he WILL know if this is the Lord's will!
Lastly, I had my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader last week! It was excellent. Sister Lamborn and I walked the streets of Burke, VA looking for the elect. Though we didn't end up teaching full lessons, we found some strong potential families for her to check back on! I appreciate her honesty and the love she has for her baby missionary companion that she's training. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to learn from these sisters! As we learned at the women's conference last night, "We are more alike as daughters of God than we are different." - Pres. Eyring. TIS TRUE. Let us all be unified because "if we are not one, we are not [His]". LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Hansen
1) New hair - bah!
2) COW TALES. Last week, I told Sister Hills how much I love these (especially Strawberry) and a few days later, during our exchange (and time apart from each other) she found them at a random dollar store and bought me four. Isn't she the best?! Such a peach. 

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