Thursday, February 6, 2014


Another week flown by! First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their support in my measly talent of singing "Amazing Grace". (AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON SISTER HILLARY HANSEN FACEBOOK WALL) We had the opportunity to sing that at a musical fireside that the missionaries in our zone (the Arlington Zone) put on last Sunday (the 26th). It was amazing! The chapel started out being not so full, but as time went on, people started trickling in. By the time I performed, there were many people - which was frightening! But an investigator that the Arlington sisters are teaching came up to us and asked if we would sing that at his baptism this coming weekend (the 8th). I feel so honored and privileged! At the fireside, we also had an elder originally from the Ukraine play his Ukrainian flute (SO COOL). The sound of the flute is similar to what's being played in the opening instrumental number on the Titanic (MY FAVE). And there was also a 10-year old cello prodigy from one of the wards that played. Overall, a successful event!
We taught Arthur again this week, it went really well. He came to church on Sunday and we met with him after. He is a BUSY guy! He works at the Patent Office in Old Town Alexandria and was just recently asked to do another side project for NASA. Hence, we're having a hard time meeting with him within the week. But he's committed! During the lesson, we asked him if he believed Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He said, "You know, because I'm a lawyer, I find that I do need to do a bit more studying on my part. But as far as his vision goes, I mean... I definitely think that it is highly possible that he saw God and Jesus Christ!" Well... that's a start! We're really excited for him - he's so open. And gets along SO WELL with people in the ward. As far as the "studying" he needs to about Joseph Smith, we're going to try and avoid a "Chad" moment and get him started on MORMON.ORG. That website is so amazing! We committed to go on it this week - I'm interested to find out what he's read!
As for Chad, we had a lesson this past Saturday with him and decided afterwards that we needed to drop him. He is too contentious and not very open. He reads the Book of Mormon with critical eyes and is no longer coming to church. It saddens me to let someone go that has such a strong faith in Christ and God, but I believe that in time, he will be ready to accept the restored gospel. We're hoping that members of the ward will still invite him to things and keep him engaged!

Here's a cool miracle we experienced:

We decided to sit down with each Relief Society and Elders Quorum president this past month to discuss the members in their organizations. As missionaries, we want to help and bless ALL of God's children, so we invited them to think about who could benefit from visits with us! Well, one Elders Quorum president gave us the name of a woman! He said her name was Danielle and she had contacted our bishop last July to find out if someone could come give her a blessing. She had grown-up in the church, with a currently active mother in Utah, who advised her to get this blessing after being diagnosed with cancer. So our EQP went with another member to give her the blessing, but hadn't heard from her since. He had texted and e-mailed her (maybe a couple of times) but received no reply. So he wanted US to go check on her! We wrote down that address, and I just remember it sounding very familiar to me. About a week later, we put her in the plans, and as we put it into the GPS, I said "Hold on, Michelle in our ward (who is active) lives on this street too, I know it!" Soon enough, we realized that they were roommates. We had NO idea! Even though we had eaten at Michelle's two or three times over the past couple of months, we had NEVER met Danielle. So... we went over to their apartment, expecting to find Michelle home, but instead, DANIELLE WAS! And we were able to get to know her and her boyfriend, who's an active member in DC. Turns out, she gave her records over to the Crystal City Ward and seems to be closely involved with Bishop Graham of that ward. WOW! We couldn't believe the turnaround! We were expecting someone who was distant from the gospel, but instead found this woman who was just coming back. We're pretty sure that priesthood blessing must have changed her life :)

I'm so grateful for this gospel! I'm grateful for Elders Quorum presidents that pay attention to the Spirit. I'm grateful for ambitious members that bring their friends to church. I'm grateful for difficult people to teach because it makes ME a better teacher. And I'm so grateful for our Savior, that through him and His GRACE, we can all achieve "never-ending happiness" (Mosiah 2:41).
Sister Hansen

Our zone went BOWLING. Too fun.

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