Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hi All,
This week is so chalk-full of stuff that I don't even know where to begin! So I think I will break it up into sections in order to remain sane. I will do it by subject - hope it all makes sense!
1) Sister Elisha Grange
This woman is AMAZING. We caught her on a Thursday night when she was having a G.N.O (Girl's Night Out) with two of her married Mormon friends. She let us right in and is literally the sweetest person EVER. She was cooking Afghan Pudding and handed us big bowls. I didn't care for it, but I ate it ALL. Sister Grange said that she first had this dish when she was on assignment in Afghanistan. She was at a dinner in the home of a Second Commander of the Taliban (YES, REAL TALK). He HATED her apparently, mainly for the fact that women in that country should never be at the same table as the men (or something like that). But she didn't care what he thought - she just ate her pudding! Haha I can't wait to find out more about her job. She didn't come to church on Sunday like she said she would :( But we plan to meet with her again REAL soon.
2) Sister Supaph Bradshaw
This woman's records aren't even IN our directory. But she let us right in! A member had mentioned that she lived down her street and that she HAD been baptized (where are her records, I don't know!) Anyways, Supaph is originally from Thailand, but was baptized in America in 1990. Her husband is in the Navy and travels ALL the time, so she basically has been a single mom all her life and found it hard to come to church. Her conversion story is cool though: Missionaries met with her and her mom, after her first husband took her kids away from her. After learning what she was supposed to do (relating to the gospel), she promised God she would go to church EVERY Sunday if He would bring her kids back to her. She got baptized and... He DID! But then she stopped going and guess what? Husband took them away AGAIN. She eventually got them back but has always felt embarrassed to come back into chapel because of the promise she broke all those many years ago. She was crying and everything :( But we promised HER that God is always there - ready to welcome her back! We plan to visit her again and see her at church this Sunday!
1) Mulu
A lady in our ward, Sister Hubner, has an Ethiopian friend named Mulu who she invited over for dinner and a lesson with us! The lesson went really well and was so spiritual! Mulu came to church on Sunday and stayed for ALL THREE HOURS. We hope to visit with her this week - but haven't made an appointment. So keep her in your prayers!
2) Glen
Had a lesson with Glen and the Bishop! The Bishop helped teach Glen about what the Atonement REALLY means and it went really well. Glen is making slow but steady progress, but we haven't committed him to a date for baptism. I think he sees how important it is, but he doesn't want to be rushed. No rushing here! Just inviting :) But we definitely foresee some major changes in his life!
Well... I have to cut it short. But we had an AMAZING sacrament meeting yesterday. Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals was even in attendance! (YES, REALLY). A member of the Bishophric, Brother Bazzarone, has a son who is leaving for Cape Verde on a mission, so it was his farewell. AT LEAST 40 non-member friends and family showed up at Sacrament. Truly incredible. He gave a wonderful talk. Everyone cried. What a meeting!
I found a scripture this week that made me emotional. I found it out of context though - Matthew 25:21. Yes, it's normally read with the Parable of the Talents. But try reading it alone!
"His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful aservant: thou hast been bfaithful over a few things, I will make thee cruler over many things: enter thou into the djoy of thy lord."
I love the words "few" and "many". We, being mortal, mess up SO MUCH each and everyday and when it comes down to our last days - we really will have only been faithful over a FEW things. But you know what? God knew that. Christ knew that. And yet, They're still willing to give us rule over MANY things. Because They love us and know of our potential. As long as we live up to our best and use that Atonement - that's all They could ever ask for.
I love this gospel and I love my mission! I am being educated EACH and EVERY day. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. I couldn't be happier or more blessed.
Sister Hansen

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