Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hillary Meets George Q. Cannon's grandson

Hello ALL!

Shout-out to the Knecht Family (DAD insert, Knechts are our bishops family): you all are seriously too generous. Thank you Bishop for the letter, I appreciate any advice I can get. And Sister Knecht, the candy package was TOO thoughtful! I loved it. And ate everything. Already. Haha so thank you all so much!!! I'll be sending you a letter soon :)

Some connections for the week:
1) In my ward, there is a Sister Emily Anderson Titus, who hails from... DIXON. What. Crazy, right?! Her parents (the Andersons) still live there! Such a small world.
2) Sister Delis (who sent you the picture, Mom) has a daughter who served in Chicago Spanish speaking on her mission. Turns out this daughter was the trainer of my roommate, Suzy's, older sister, Nicole (Hermana Day)! Sister Delis clearly remembers her daughter writing about her and she got so excited when I made the connection. Too funny.
3) Our Bishop's counselor, Brother Lee Bazzarone, has a daughter, Ashley, who was on the BYU Soccer team. She was #12 and played in that championship game against UNC, Dad! Brother Bazzarone and his wife were at the game too, I believe!
4) The McConnaugheys are a family in the ward, and the father (Kevin) is from Visalia, CA (Insert;Linda grew up in Visialia, CA)! He wasn't a member until his 20's, but I thought that was a small world. Oh and the mother (can't remember her name) had grown up in La Canada, CA. I asked her if she remembered any Andersons, but she didn't... probably because she wasn't a member yet either.

That's about it this week. One thing I forgot to mention last week if who I'm living with! This would be Carolyn and Glenn Davis and they are the sweetest members EVER. We live in their cute house out in Vienna. Our room was converted from their library, but it's so great. Brother Davis is 83 years old and he talks to us all the time - I LOVE IT. He even has made us his "famous" Chocolate Fountain Sodas... TWICE. They're pretty yum. But anyways, I need to get a picture with them so you can see what they look like! I'll work on that this week.

So funny story - last night, we went to go visit a member couple after dinner. They live in this ritzy apartment complex so it was a challenge to get past the guard and to be "rung up" (first time ever doing that, by the way). But we made it just fine. The couple would be Mark and Betty Cannon. I had no idea who they were really, but 2.5 hours later (OOPS), we knew their WHOLE life story. Please google Mark Cannon and be amazed. He is the grandson of George Q. Cannon and was the top assistant to Chief Justice Berger back in the 70's (I think?). He dated Mitt Romney's older sister back in the day, and met/worked side-by-side with so many presidents, it's crazy. BUT GET THIS. He served a mission in Argentina... during PERON'S REIGN (Insert: The girls in the family absolutely love the musical movie EVITA). Yeah, he's old. Can you believe that though?! I had a blast talking to him and his wife. Such amazing people who love to talk... just like me :)

We have an investigator! His name is David Melendez, and he's 17 years old. We found him when we went to a potential investigator's house, only to find out that she had moved and so we talked to David instead! SUCH a nice and humble boy. But he's had a rough past. He has a 2 year old son and was in juvenile prison for 2 years, but he's doing so much better now! David goes to a computer trade school and works as a mechanic. We've been able to have two lessons with him now and we have another one with him TODAY! So please keep him in your prayers. We want him to come to church so badly - it will be a huge step in his progression towards understanding the importance of the Sabbath. But other than that, he loves to pray and does it often, and we hope that he's been reading the Book of Mormon! One thing I love about it him is that he gets on tangents. Like CRAZY ones. Last week, he got off on how he was reading about the effects of natural disasters, one of them being that rabies are going to spread. Oh and that rain forest ants are going to mutate. Hahaha I was dying. He's so cool though.

I am loving my mission! Though the work is hard and I often let my fears get in the way, I have to say that I LOVE teaching people. Being able to sit down in a lesson and share what I know is SUCH a blessing. I've had such great experiences already and I know that they'll continue to come. A favorite thought I shared this week with members what John 15:26-27: "But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning." Remember that! The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of TRUTH and a Comforter in our lives. Use it to share the gospel - for it is our responsibility because we've been with Christ since the BEGINNING.

I LOVE YOU ALL! "You da, you da best."

-Sister Hansen

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